Have you deleted your data by mistake or completely formatted your device just for the sake of doing it? Worry not, we make all possible efforts and always succeed in retrieving lost data of the client. Our highly skilled team of experts does not let anyone lose their work/data so easily. Providing best data recovery services in Chandigarh or North India is our privilege.

All sorts of deleted, formatted, or lost data is recovered here, be it a case of broken drives, Pendrives, Mobile Phone, Laptops, DVRs, or any other Electronic storage device. Without a second thought you can trust us for everything, because why not get the first-hand help of such talented experts when it’s the most convenient to do so.

Ransomware or Malwares

Ransomware is something that has taken the level of both destruction and loss to another level in the IT industry. With increased use of technology, we are continuously vulnerable to malwares and so is our data stored on that device or server online. There is no doubt in the fact that it has become important to take efficient and adequate efforts to keep our data secure. Ransomware just like its name is a malware that based on its motive, intentions or type encrypts a part or all the data of a the device on which the attack has been performed and a handsome amount of money(ransom) is to be paid by the victim to get decryption key. One thing that people think is the best to do under these circumstances is to format the system so that the malware is removed, which is the worst thing you can do to yourself in most of the cases. As we said, ransomware has different types and hence, has different extents of loss it can cause. So please do not format your system until you have talked/consulted to an expert or you are one, as ransomware is not just a normal malware just like kidnapping of a kid is a much different incident than the kid just being lost at a place. No wonder the pain parent of the child goes through in both cases is same, but the solution is much different in both the cases.

With the best team of cyber experts in Chandigarh (North India) we have pledged to make your lives much easier by stopping these issues from effecting you or at least by mitigating the effects. Stellar Data Recovery Lab is having made its name from its work and not vice versa. When you trust us with your problem, we owe you this the loyalty, service, and recovery at minimalistic charges and that too with guaranteed results. As big of trend ransomware has it feels really sad to say that there are not as many experts as there seem to be out there. So, don’t be fooled by anyone and trust the one that can show the results just we do as our main purpose is to provide that best data recovery and security services than just making money.

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