Data Recovery



Data recovery is a term which is used to retrieve the data in an appropriate manner. When a hard disk is crashed, formatted or physically damaged then the recovery tools are applied to bring that data back in similar way.

Stellar uses the advance technology to recover the data from unintentional removal, formatting, dropping ,a virus attack, electrical surges or outages, natural disasters like flood , fire, moisture, dust etc and many other scenarios. We believe each person’s data is precious and critical so we need to be careful while applying the recovery tools on it.

Data can be loss in two ways which is physical damage and logical damage. Physical damage occurs in these cases when CD/DVD had a scratch on its surface, head crashed of a hard disk and tape just smashed up. In logical damage, data is not lost but it will remain safe on storage media even if the data is formatted, deleted or bad sector occurred on the hard drive.

Stellar helps you to get back to your work by providing the glorious services of data recovery.

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