Data Theft Forensic

Data Theft is the term when information is illegally copied or taken from a business or any other individual. This information is authenticated user information such as Passwords, Credentials, credit card information, social security numbers, confidential corporate information or other personal information. Data theft is increasingly a problem for individual computer users, as well as big corporate firms.
STELLAR is here to help and protect you by providing the security plans from all these kind of threats. We can provide you the proper knowledge about this kind of stealing so that the individual user or any other company can secure their self.

Most Popular ways of data theft



You should make sure that your data is safe from prying eyes when you sell or buy things on the Web. Carelessness can lead to leaking your private account information.

Password cracking

Intruders can access your machine and get valuable data if it is not password-protected or its password can be easily decoded (weak password).


Data sent on insecure lines can be wiretapped and recorded. If no encryption mechanism is used, there is a good chance of losing your password and other private information to the eavesdropper.

Laptop theft

Increasingly incidents of laptop theft from corporate firms occur with the valuable information stored in the laptop being sold to competitors. Carelessness and lack of laptop data encryption can lead to major losses for the firm.

So for the security reasons user has to be very careful and well known of all these kind of frauds and theft.

If the information is illegally obtained, then the individual who stole this information is apprehended, he or she will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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