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As the time changes it affects the lifestyle of the human being. In the new era, the internet brings the big change in the living style of each person. Each person needs security or protection whether it is for their home, business, finance or computer usage data they just need to secure their personal things by providing proper […]


Auditing is mainly used to examine the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an organization. If at any stage a problem occurs it helps to fix the problem at the exact stage and resolve it in an efficient manner. IT Auditor works in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to […]


Cybercrime is basically a criminal activity which is done by using the computer system and internet. In this criminal activity it includes downloading of illegal music or videos, uploading of any illegal music or video to harass someone, hacking of bank account details whether it includes stealing the money or […]


The term of Computer forensics, it involves the preservation, identification, extraction, documentation, and interpretation of computer media for evidentiary and/or root cause analysis. For protection process, it is necessary to use the computer forensic terms to eliminate the computer […]

Welcome To Stellar’s Data Recovery Lab!

Stellar Data Recovery Lab is the industry’s premier Data Recovery Service for both physical and logical Hard Drive and All kind of Data Recoveries especially- Ransomware Decryption, Cyber Security, IT Audit, IT Consultancy, Mobile Forensics, DVR Recovery, Bad Sectors, Firmware corruptions, Bad Heads, Mechanical failures & Raid Recovery.

We offer flat rate pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all your Data Recovery.

Data Recovery is possible more often than you might think – even without having to send your hard drive to a Data Recovery Service. If you don’t want to do the Data Recovery yourself or the case is too complex for a Data Recovery Software.

Let us do the Recovery for you. RAID Data Recovery projects are accepted at ANY time. We recover RAID systems when a RAID suffers a crash. Whether you need RAID 0 data recovery RAID 5 data recovery or anything in between, Our Data Recovery has covered you. Regardless of the size, configuration, operating system or platform of your Enterprise Storage System, whether it be a multi-disk RAID array system, SAN, NAS or other multi-disk server system, We can recover your data even if all other means of retrieval have failed. Raid array Recovery and Reconstruction is by far our most researched field. Our success rate for data recovery on Raid arrays is close to 99% due to the redundancy built into a raid system.

Data Recovery Services

Hard Disk Recovery, Flash Media Recovery, RAID Recovery, NAS/SAN Recovery, Exchange Server Recovery, Linux Recovery, Mac Recovery, Unix/Solaris Recovery, Oracle/SQL Server Recovery, Encrypted Data Recovery, Corrupt Data Recovery/Repairing, Bad Sector Recovery, Firmware Corruption Recovery, Email Recovery, Password Recovery.

Anyone want to recovery their data from damaged hard drive then I am surely recommend Stellar Data Recovery Lab to everyone. They recovered my whole data from my damaged drive. Thank u Guys.

Shivam Sharma

Best data recovery services, Stellar delievering 100% risk free recovery to many reputed clients in India.

Zaw Gyi

Stellar data solution a great place to work. Flexibility of work schedules.
It inspires all to do what’s best for the company. HR Department and seniors are very cooperative with employees.
Preet jhamat recovered with in limited time.superb service.thanks alot.wish you best in future.

Geet dhingra


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