NAS/SAN Recovery

NAS Recovery
STELLAR has great experience and specialization in the recovery of servers. We try to resolve the critical issues of the server to get the data back. NAS/SAN are basically used in servers where they are used as storage devices. Now a day’s people don’t follow the traditional method for file serving and direct attach storage (DAS). NAS is mainly used for “File Level Storage” whereas SAN is used for “Block Level Storage”.
NAS is the main general centralized area which usually provides to the users with a large amount of storage space. NAS provides the simpler and low-cost systems for load-balancing and fault-tolerant file, email and web server systems. Mainly NAS is the consumer market where there is a huge amount of multi-media data.
On the other hand, SAN is mainly used to connect the remote targets such as disk drives, tape drives on the network for the block level I/O. In this, it also uses for fiber and iSCSI protocols for the transfer of data over a network which provides the fastest data transfer rates.


While following the recovery process we use to gather the valuable information about NAS or SAN storage boxes which are:


Level of RAID i.e. RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5


The exact cause of the failure


Complete details of any hit and trial method which has been tried before sending the job to us.


Our main motive is just to meet the expectation of our customers.
We give our best while doing the recovery process.

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