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Why it happens?

Inability to access your data stored on the data storage device could be caused by many reasons, from those that are easy to fix to those which are completely impossible to fix. If the damage is irreversible then data loss will occur. The causes of the failure of your hard drive or CD-ROM drive could vary from a bad connection due to a loose wire (which is easily recoverable) to damage to the media itself, which could still be recoverable in many cases.

If the damage occurred to the drive’s electronics, it most likely could be fixed. If the damage occurred to the, for example, system areas of the disk, leaving the data zone intact, those data could be theoretically, and (in some cases) practically, recovered by a professional. But, if the data zone is damaged, the data in the damaged area will not be recovered since the loss of data has already taken place. In this case, one can only rely on the back-up.

Two major reasons:

Poor handling:
For example, hard drives are capable of handling operational shock up to 300 G, their electronics or mechanical components still could be damaged by the vibration or by an impact. Liquid spilled on the drive may short electric connections or even penetrate inside the drive, especially inside the drives with removable media (Zip, CD-everything, Tape drives, etc.).

Manufacturing defects:

All media, drives and storage system components undergo thorough testing, but in spite of this, statistics guarantees a few bad drives among hundreds of good ones… You may be unlucky and buy one of those. But even in this case, data back-up and a good manufacturer’s warranty can make losses partially or completely recoverable.

Data Loss Reasons:

  • Boot failures
  • Inaccessible drives and partitions
  • BIOS error
  • Formatted partition
  • Partition corruption
  • NTFS corruption
  • FAT corruption
  • FAT32 corruption
  • HFS corruption
  • HFS+ corruption
  • EXT2 corruption
  • EXT3 corruption
  • Bad sectors
  • Virus attack
  • Corrupted files
  • Hard drive noise
  • Hard drive clicking
  • Accidentally deleted files
  • Hard drive component failure

Don’t Panic:

Almost all recoveries are made worse by the re-actions of a panic stricken user. Think what you are about to do, if in doubt switch your computer off and contact.


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