Data Recovery from Ransomware Virus

A massive Ransomeware attack hit nearly 100 countries, including India, terrifying details were slowly emerging on Saturday as computers from hospitals in Britain to police stations in Andhra Pradesh were hacked into, keeping cyber security experts on tenterhooks.

In India, a section of computers at Andhra Pradesh’s police departments were hacked. Computers in 18 police units in Chittoor, Krishna, Guntur, Visakhatpatnam and Srikakulam districts were affected.

How can I protect myself?

Make sure your device’s software is up to date. Software updates often contain lots of patches that fix bugs and close security loopholes; regularly using Windows Update or the Software Update feature on a Mac will help insulate you from problems. But you can also set your devices to install those updates automatically so you don’t even have to think about it. Hackers prey on complacency.

Create backups of your most important files, either by downloading them to an external hard drive or by storing them in a cloud-based storage service.

Use a password manager to create and keep track of unique, hard-to-remember (and thus hard-to-break) passwords for each of your services. It’s a little counter intuitive, but experts say it’s much more secure than the alternative, which is reusing the same password across multiple websites.

Remember to treat unexpected emails with caution, and read up on phishing – one of the most common types of social engineering attacks used by attackers to compromise machines.

Ransomware attacks are a growing problem for computer users and server administrators. The FBI received 2,500 ransomware complaints in and each instance of ransomware infection can easily result in thousands of dollars of damages.

For years, we have recovered data for ransomware victims, but recently, we have begun to receive an influx of new cases.

Stellar Dara Recovery Team now offers specialized services for Ransomware recovery and decryption.

You need fast access to your files, but immediately paying the ransomware creator is not a safe or effective option.

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