Use of CCTV has become a necessity and its use is more widespread. It has been a good weapon against crime as its very presence is a deterrent to people who are looking for an opportunity to do any mischief or looking for an opportunity with a criminal motive. It is not just a provision of CCTV evidence in identifying a crime and finding a culprit, it has become an important tool for police and the judicial system.

Thus footage recovery is a sensitive task. CCTV and DVR cameras are commonly used for both personal and commercial purposes. STELLAR offers you the best footage recovery services to recover lost, deleted or damaged, formatted, encrypted data from the security cameras and DVRs.

Following could be the causes for the damage:
• Fire, heat, dust, moisture, water and smoke damage
• Formatted or corrupted hard drives or cards
• Accidental deletions of saved footages
• Data being Inaccessible due to unknown format
• CCTV/DVR system failures etc.

STELLAR is expertise to make inaccessible camera footage accessible. We apply advanced recovery solutions. STELLAR Data Recovery Lab is an expert in DVR and CCTV recovery. We are also expertise in recovering video footage from PCI based DVR device and also DVR device having fixed storage

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