Unix/Solaris Recovery | Data Recovery Services

Stellar offers you to restore your data from UNIX operating system. Stellar provides the recovery for Solaris SPARC, Solaris INTEL, and SCO OpenServer are advance Unix Data revival tools that are designed for retrieving lost information, corrupted partition created by using Sun Solaris and SCO OpenServer operating system.

Stellar uses the best recovery tools to retrieve the data back. Our technician can recover the corrupted or deleted information from UFS, HTFS, EAFS, and BSD file systems.

Our services for recovery:

  • Recovers data from corrupted cylinder group, deleted partitions, missing folders, and files, damaged Super Block
  • Recovers the broken VTOC and with corrupt Group Descriptor Block
  • Maintenance for SPARC machines
  • Recovers information from UFS deleted partitions
  • Recovers the HTFS and EAFS file systems


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