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Encrypted data recovery service is also offered by STELLAR. Our technicians are expert in providing data security and fraud solutions. We understand the importance of any person’s data and also the sensitivity of data.

Today every single person whether the industrialist, businessman, common man or any person needs to protect their data by providing encryption methods to it. We have the capability to recover data while leaving the data in its encrypted form throughout the entire process. Many organizations are comfortable providing encryption keys so that data can be decrypted and verified before it is returned, however, this is not always the case. For some organizations, providing encryption keys to an outside vendor such as a data recovery provider is against their security policy. After applying the recovery tools on the encrypted data we first confirm the data from client then, later on, we save the data on the other or new fresh drive.

 Some important encrypted aspects covered by STELLAR

  • Management of keys
  • Passwords
  • Certificates
  • Tokens
  • Files


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