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Bad sectors are like little clusters of data on your hard disk which are unable to read. These bad sectors have potential to cause the real damage to any hard drive. Bad sectors are fairly common with normal computer use and the imperfections of the world we live in; however, there are several simple steps you can take to prevent HDD bad sectors and to repair any that you do have. Bad Sectors will reduce the speed of any computer system.

Stellar will help you to recover the bad sectors by using the best recovery tools and techniques. We will put our full efforts to remove the bad sectors from the hard drive. Once the bad sectors removed from the hard drive our first step is to recover and save the client’s most important data as much as we can.

Bad sectors occur only when:

  • Improper shutdown of Windows;
  • Defects of the hard disk, including general surface wear, pollution of the air inside the unit, or the head touching the surface of the disk;
  • Another poor quality or aging hardware, including a bad processor fan, dodgy data cables, an overheated hard drive;
  • Malware.


Prevention steps from bad sectors:

  • Always shut down your computer correctly
  • Always move your computer carefully
  • Keep your data cables as short as possible
  • Make sure your computer is kept cool and dust free
  • Make sure you buy good quality hardware from respected brands


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