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Ransom Virus Data Recovery in Chandigarh

Data Recovery from Ransomware Virus A massive Ransomeware attack hit nearly 100 countries, including India, terrifying details were slowly emerging on Saturday as computers from hospitals in Britain to police stations in Andhra Pradesh were hacked into, keeping cyber security experts on tenterhooks. In India, a section of computers...

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Save Data from a Wet Hard Drive

Power It Down The first thing to do whenever an electronic device is exposed to water is to immediately power it down and set it somewhere to dry. For desktop computers, completely isolate your computer’s circuitry by shutting off the power switch from the back. Even though the computer...

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Ransomware Virus Data Recovery

After the shift to crypto-ransomware, the extortion malware has continued to evolve, adding features such as countdown timers, ransom amounts that increase over time, and infection routines that enable them to spread across networks and servers. The latest developments show how threat actors are experimenting with new features, such...

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