How to Recover Whatsapp Chat ? – Recovery and Forensic

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     Varun Bhuria 

    I accidentally uninstalled my Whatsapp without backing it up.

    How can I get all my conversation back?


    Hello Varun,

    Whatsapp creates a backup file everday at 2:00 AM.

    If you haven’t created a backup file manually, every chat after 2:00am of that day will be lost.

    But you can recover all the chats occurred before 2:00am.

    When you install whatsapp again, it will ask whether to restore your old chats, thats the only chance to recover your old chats until next day 2:00am.

    Even if you reject to restore chats at the time of installation, you still have chance till next 2:00 am. All you have to do is reinstall whatsapp again.

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