Hard Disk Data Recovery

Stellar provides full support on hard disk recovery. If the hard disk is crashed, dropped, broken, formatted, bad sectors occurred we are here to assist you.

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Flash Media Recovery

Stellar performs the appropriate action to recover the data from flash drive. Flash drive itself a challenge while recovering the data from it. On the basis of diagnostic report actions are performed on the particular flash drives for retrieval of information.

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Data Security

As being a data security consultant we help people by providing the proper knowledge of information technology to meet their business objective or to overcome the problems occurs while using this term. We will try to improve the structure and efficiency of an organization's computer systems.

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Password Recovery

We are experts at cracking password protected files and systems. Using our extensive techniques we may be a critical resource when crucial files are encrypted.

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Email Recovery

Stellar data Solution offers a Wide Range of Mail Recovery Solution to its Customers in instances of Data Loss due to Damages and Corruption of Email.

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Data Theft

Data theft is the term when information is illegally copied or taken from a business or any other individual. This information is authenticated user information such as Passwords, Credentials, credit card information.

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Cyber security breached

Cyber Security is most important issue for government, business and individual users. Attacks have been initiated by individuals, as well as countries.

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System Security

These days it's very common when any user's system found to be in compromised mode. It means your computer system is infected from virus or any other threat.

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Online Financial Frauds

Online financial frauds are one of the most popular terms in cyber crime activity. There are various ways for financial frauds where the criminal attracts the user to give their credentials without having any knowledge.

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In the term of Computer forensics, it involves preservation, identification, extraction, documentation
Cyber crime is basically a criminal activity which is done by using the computer system and internet.
Auditing is mainly used to examine the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organization.
As being a data security consultant we help people by providing the proper knowledge of information
Welcome To Stellar's Data Recovery Lab!  

Stellar Data Recovery Lab is the industry's premier Data Recovery Service for both physical and logical Hard Drive Data Recovery and All type of Data Recoveries especially Bad Sectors, Firmware corruptions, Bad Heads, Mechanical failures & Raid Recovery. We offer flat rate pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all your Data Recovery.

Data Recovery is possible more often than you might think - even without having to send your hard drive to a Data Recovery Service. If you don't want to do the Data Recovery yourself or the case is too complex for a Data Recovery Software.

Let us do the Recovery for you. RAID Data Recovery projects are accepted at ANY time. We recover RAID systems when a RAID suffers a crash. Whether you need RAID 0 data recovery RAID 5 data recovery or anything in between, Our Data Recovery has covered you. Regardless of the size, configuration, operating system or platform of your Enterprise Storage System, whether it be a multi-disk RAID array system , SAN, NAS or other multi-disk server system, We can recover your data even if all other means of retrieval have failed. Raid array Recovery and Reconstruction is by far our most researched field. Our success rate for data recovery on Raid arrays is close to 99% due to the redundancy built in to a raid system.

We offer widest range of data & disk recovery solutions and software, serving clients around the world with clean labs, friendly & expert staff ensuring quick, convenient, efficient & economical solutions. Fire , Flood , Hardware Failures , Software Corruption , Human error , Vandalism , Sabotage , or Corporate Espionage are some of the reasons as to why you would need experts looking after your data & disk recovery needs. These are the factors which no one can control, so we can do the next best thing, we can rectify the damage done by these factors.

If you have experienced a loss of data, contact Data Recovery Lab today. We will work with you each step of the way. We know how valuable your data is, and that is why we make sure each case gets the same undivided attention.

We can resolve any kind of hard drive data recovery problems including corrupted hard drive, bad blocks and corrupted blocks, system lags, empty folders (My Documents, My Pictures erased or no files found). S.M.A.R.T. status BAD, BACKUP and REPLACE, SMART CAPABLE and STATUS BAD, PRIMARY MASTER, SLAVE issues for all HARD DRIVE types: Western DIGITAL, IBM, Toshiba, Maxtor, Fujitsu, Samsung, Hitachi, Quantum, Seagate, Lacie, IOMEGA and all USB drives including ATA, PATA, SATA, SCSI and RAID. Hard drive failures on both LAPTOP and Desktop computers including DELL, SONY, HP, IBM, COMPAQ, TOSHIBA, MAC, GATEWAY. We support most operating systems, Windows, MAC, Linux, UNIX, NO

Data Confidentiality:

We practices strict confidentiality procedures with its customers' information. Any confidential information disclosed by the customer shall remain the sole property of the customer. Additionally, Recovery and Forensic guarantees a no disclosure policy to third parties .

DIY Risks:

A lot of users try to recover the data from the hard disks by themselves, however it is possible in some cases, but there are greater chances that you will make the things worse by trying every type of softwares on the faulty disk. We receive 100's of cases every year which becomes virtually irrecoverable due to immature tries of recovery or either clients cannot afford the higher charges due to the tempering done by the "immature experts". You may ask for a free diagnostic for your disk in any minor/major cases and decide if you would like to go for recovery. 

Don't Panic:

Almost all recoveries are made worse by the re-actions of a panic stricken user. Think what your about to do, if in doubt switch your computer off and contact.

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